Dear Colleagues and Friends,

UN Global Goals – Nordic Road Sector Approaches

Via Nordica 2024 offers a great venue for road and transport infrastructure professionals.

Via Nordica 2024 is a Nordic congress with an international perspective. The congress theme is “UN Global Goals Nordic Road Sector Approaches”, and the congress provides a unique opportunity to hear about technical state-of-the-art solutions and get together for discussion on how these technical solutions can promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

The congress is open to experts beyond the Nordic countries, who would like to share our experience and bring an international element to this Nordic Congress.

Via Nordica 2024 is organised by the Nordic Road Association (NVF) with members from both the public and the private sector.

Yours Sincerely,

Jens Holmboe Ib Enevoldsen

Jens Holmboe
Director General
Danish Road Directorate

Ib Enevoldsen
Managing Director



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